Q&A: Miss Stanton’s Karmen Thomas

By ZACHARY GENUS, Contributing Writer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (SCPDA) — The purpose of this interview is to give some insight into how Miss Stanton candidate, Karmen Thomas, views the pageant and the title of Miss Stanton. 



DEVIL’S ADVOCATE: What prompted you to enter the 2017 Miss Stanton Pageant?

KARMEN THOMAS: What prompted me to enter the 2017-2018 Miss Stanton Pageant was that I believe that I have the qualities to be a good representative of the school when I go off to Miss Jacksonville.

DA: What do you hope to gain from your experience as a part of the pageant this year?

KT: What I hope to gain is how to be more poised and how to be more of a leader and how to connect with others on another level.

DA: What qualities or attributes do you possess which make you worthy of the title Miss Stanton?

KT: [One] quality that I hold is that I am a natural-born leader, and that’s what you really need nowadays is someone that knows how to lead people, but I also learned how to follow before leading. And what else I have is determination, and I believe that everyone needs determination to get through life.  

DA: What talents do you have that you think will help you succeed in the pageant?

KT: The talents that I have that will help me succeed is—good question. Well I have the talent of being very knowledgeable, and with knowledge, I believe you can do a lot in your life.

DA: What impact do you aim to have through your representation of Stanton as this year’s Miss Stanton?

KT: The impact that I’m pushing to have is that girls have natural beauty, and they don’t need to cover it up with makeup or expensive clothes; that natural beauty is deep within, and it doesn’t really matter about appearance.

DA: Thank you, that’s all.

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